Our team

Andreas G. Chiocchetti

Prof. Translational Child Psychiatry

Passionate about working with models to understand human behaviour and neurodiversity.
Biotechnologist by training (Salzburg, Austria), Phd in Genetics, Research Fellow at UCLA, Los Angeles, Data-Scientist in Industry.


Denise Haslinger

Dr. rer. nat
Head of Neuronal Cell Model Working Group

Eager modeller of neuronal development. Expert cell-biologist and geneticist by training (Salzburg, Austria), PhD in Biology (Frankfurt, Germany), Research Fellow and Post-Doc at Institute of Science and Technology Austria (Klosterneuburg, Austria).

Exploring|Neurons|Cell Models

Regina Waltes

Dr. rer. nat.
Biobank Manager

Forensic geneticist by training at the MHH (Hannover, Germany), PhD in Biology (Hannover, Germany), Post-Doc at the Department of Radiotherapy and Special Oncology (Hannover, Germany), Research Fellow at QIMR (Brisbane, Australia), Application Specialist in Industry.


Simeon Platte

Data Scientist

Data lover and machine learning expert. Psychologist by training (Frankfurt, Germany).

Afsheen Kumar

Dr. rer. nat. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatician by training (Freiburg and Frankfurt, Germany), data wrangler. Currently Family manager.

Silvia Lindlar

Research Technician

Research technician holding the lab together. Expert in molecular methods, cell culture and organization.

Inken Berg

Medical PhD Student

Expert in genetics of aggression in conduct disorder

Ritika Saxena

Medical PhD Student

Expert to be in genetics of autism spectrum disorder
In over my head to unravel the code of life

Victor Kasolowski

Medical PhD Student

Expert to be in genetics of conduct disorder and machine learning

Tong Zhao

Master Student

Expert to be in genetics, polygenic risc score calculations and conduct disorder

Clara Dröll

Master student

Mastering human cellular models to unravel the developmental diversity of the human brain

Julia Schwarzpaul

Master Student

Expert to be in neuronal cell models, specific focus on cerebral organoids and iNeurons.

Want to join us?

Currently, we do not have any open positions.  If you want to join us as a post-doc or PhD candidate, please contact us, we are very happy to help you find funding opportunities and to support you in grant writing. 

We continuously offer internships, and host you for your bachelor or master thesis.  

Alumni and former lab members

Marcel Müller

2022 Bachelor student Biology: Effect of inhibition of QPRT on neuronal differentiation in
human cerebral organoids

Julia Schwarzpaul

2022 Bachelor student Biology: Impact of chemical inhibition of the autism-associated quinolinate phosphoribosyltransferase in primary human neuronal progenitor cells

Dr. Mattson S. O. Jones

2018 – 2022 Ph.D. student Biology, characterization of the autism and epilepsy-associated gene DEPDC5 during neuronal differentiation.

Luca Fries

2022-2023 Internship, Digital Labbooks, development of Shiny apps to  automate lab processes.